Saturday, May 5, 2012

Life's a Beach

We finally had a great weather day for once since Eliza turned a year. Even though we had the professional pictures taken a JCP with all the family (mommy enjoyed being spoiled for once), there were none of just her. With new bathing suit in hand, we headed to Sylvan Beach to capture her first encounter with sand and had a little fun trying out a new play tent.

This kid has no fear when it came to the water. She crawled right up to it, but stopped and never actually got in. Things are still a bit chilly for that sort of fun, but it gave Gram a few more grey hairs. I got a chance to use the new camera body and lens. I do miss my old trusty which I had since buying the Canon 10D. Things would have been just fine if Eliza hadn't had an encounter with my camera. Maybe after shooting a wedding at the end of June will enable me to get something else with will allow me to zoom. But I do like getting faster shutter speeds with this new one.

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