Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am writing this post much MUCH too early today as my body has decided to tell me that it is hungry and weirdly sweaty at the same time. Not to mention a snoring husband doesn't help settling down, so must make use of this time somehow! 

Last Monday I sooooo needed that date night with Mr. G. We got a few things done in the area of shopping, dined on sushi and of course went to Nicky Doodles for some ice cream. As I got ready, Eliza was away with Mr. G. In each new task I tackled, I couldn't help but keep asking myself if I had the opportunity to start it with out being interrupted by a 12 month old. Oh how our lives have changed. Time for myself feels odd.

My mother is still visiting with us. As much as I love her, I am kinda wanting my house and couch back. Her health has not been the best since arriving, and it has required me to also take care of her and whatever desires she has while visiting. But I know I will dread and miss her after I drop her off at the airport.

I've had these thoughts as of late since Mr. G has returned to work with how my daughter has been behaving. At just 12 months, we saw her first full out 2 year old tantrum where she stamped her feet and threw herself down on the rug. SERIOUSLY!?  This makes me question the wonderful blissful time period of the first year compared to the rest of the stages. Will they ever compare to the same wonderful moments and excitement of the first year? I can see less and less of the baby face in her which makes me sad. Almost to where I question if she isn't cute anymore. When I was little, there was a time where I was quite cute. Then almost over night my appearance changed and it was all tom boy. This was the beginning of all the taunting and teasing which carried me through the next 13 years of school.

In being crafty at the youth center on our next to nothing budget, I am finding such the inadequacy of options for KEN when it comes to sewing patterns for outfits. I purchased two boy dolls from my own pocket after a few boys were begging me to have an option for them. With the money I had, my only options were Beach Boy KEN. Sorry.....not every day can be a day at the beach. They seriously needed some shirts. In my feeble attempts as a doll seamstress...the clothes still look like Ken needs a rack to fill the rest of the shirt. The neck line is difficult to get right with out becoming too feminine and also be easily put on the doll. As I worked on the sewing machine, a few girls sat and watched in amazement. Then they requested I make clothes for the other Barbies. " Sorry girls, I will make new clothes for them as soon as who ever is shoplifting our current ones stops." We have FAR too many naked ladies to the ratio of outfits available. 

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