Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I've been having some disturbing dreams as of late. They are the ones where you would never want to happen or wish to happen with anyone you know. A few nights ago I dreamed that I had an affair with some blonde haired Christian singer. Before it led up to that, we were touring NYC and tasting special foods. I remember thinking to myself that I liked him and wanted the same to be true for him and how we could keep the chemistry going after this trip. Then my husband came to mind and feeling awful at what I had done and if I should keep this a secret and go on with business as usual.YIKES!!

I think we are going to get the terrible two's a year earlier. We've had some tantrums as of late when she can't get her way. None have happened outside of the house thankfully, but if this is normal for the age, I can't WAIT to see what is in store a year from now.

Mr. G and I have talked about how we know we want more than one child. There has been talk about the timing of the next one also. Well, we are not sure if we have the control over the timing. I guess we will know soon, maybe sooner than thought.

I am sorta bummed right now that one of my medications which is to have a side effect of diminished appetite isn't doing the job as much as I would like it to be doing. Maybe my mother visiting and treating us to groceries and eating out has something to do with it....hard to say no sometimes!

Feeling very nervous about my job and the future of it. I am the only paid staff and the rest are volunteers. Volunteers I might add who are older and retired...and well getting tired. I don't know what the future holds for the next school year. My prayers have been focused on asking for providence and direction for our family. Are we moving? If so, is it around where we live or moving away? Should I start looking for another job? It is still too soon to be able to do anything about it, but the stress is still there none the less. 


  1. That's too funny about the dream!

    I have wacky crazy dreams, but most the time I can't quite remember them. I just remember them making no sense.

  2. Oh, the weirdest one Jena was discovering I had a penis for some reason!