Thursday, March 13, 2014

Snip Snip

It finally came....

I cut my daughter's hair.

A little over a month ago, I took the trimmers to Nolan's head. I didn't like the back getting shaggy. No real tears as to what I had just done. He's a boy after all...shouldn't be a big deal for him to get a trim from mom.

Now Eliza...she hasn't had a single hair cut since her birth. She had a small beginning of hair that was positioned like a Jewish yamaka.

Grow her hair did and I tried to train the growth to part naturally on her very wild hair pattern. Her bangs sweep to one side, but the sides grow slowly compared to the back. We've tried clips, bands and ties to tame it.

But she is a wild child who tosses and turn her head on the floor and under things.

Most hair pretties do not stand much of a chance at staying for any length of time.

With a single cut in the back, with the longest and most noticeable length wrapped in a rubber was done.

No longer is there any baby left in my little girl.

I know it seems silly to be sad over a first hair cut and its a normal part of life, but I struggled with this since the document-er of this family had wanted to snap a dozen photos in natural lighting etc etc...but I guess...who has the time or money for that right? 

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