Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mid Week Confessions

It's been awhile so where shall I start?

1. I went up to the front desk of an indoor play park and asked if they had any clear packing tape. I then took said tape and wrapped it around my daughters waist, over her jeans that didn't have an adjustable waistband. There, I fixed it!

2. After being caught at work without any sort of feminine product, I took one of Nolan's emergency diapers and cut myself out a temporary pad.

3. If the kids get a meal from a burger joint, I promptly take out the toy before giving them the bag. I wonder how long they'll go until they figure out something is missing.

4. In the craziness of trying to get out the door and the kids to the overnight sitter for our 5th anniversary getaway, we got almost to our destination and discovered we had How convenient of an outlet mall to be across the way. Hello Old Navy :)


I am really resenting all my friends back home who are posting pictures of their time at the beach or outside in summer clothes at the park, church, the mall or even just in the backyard. All without heavy jackets, boots, pale skin or a flake of snow to be seen. I dreamed last night that all the snow left overnight and we were left with beautiful green green grass.


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  1. I am with you on longing for spring. We have a TON of snow up north and have been wanting the day it is all gone.