Friday, March 7, 2014

Co-Sleeping Kids

After getting home rather late from a MOPS planning meeting, I sat at the computer while I waited for my night meds to start kicking in. Since I had missed the bedtime routine craziness, I decided to peek in on the littles. When I couldn't see my daughter in her bed, I quickly check the crib after finding some of the recent shenanigans. Yep, I was certainly right!

I took to google to see if there were any solutions with no luck. All talk about keeping kids in crib, not out. 

I can't be the only parent to run into this problem!? 

Crib tents have been mentioned, but I have never seen them in a store before and those online were all being mentioned as being recalled...blurg.

Nolan is way too young for a toddler bed as he isn't walking yet and he lacks some body awareness when sitting on elevated surfaces freely.

Is this a phase?

Is Eliza reverting?

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