Sunday, October 27, 2013

Paper Crafting

I finally got around to replacing the mobile that hung in Eliza's room, above her crib. She or I had whacked it at some point and it never recovered or I just never got around to repairing it. But I did want to fill that void with something since I never did one for Nolan. Cue the second child woes!

I used an embroidery hoop and a paper punch in various but similar color pallet decorative card stock.

Each circle was glued to another and then run through the sewing machine to make these chains to hang from the hoop. Washi tape was used to go around the rim while knitting floss was used to hold and balance the ensemble from the ceiling.

Eliza has given this art her personal approval. Now will she just keep her hands off it? So far she and Mr. G have one strike each against them as far as repaired damage goes.

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