Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mìd Week Confessions

We are currently using a little girl from the church as the peer pressure incentive for potty training. Guilt is working for us when we say that this little girl doesn't wear diapers and uses the big girl potty. Eliza surprised us with going during Sunday school when the other children went for a bathroom break.

Feeling a little sloppy with my body and trying to make some better choices. One of them being to resist the urge to not drink anything other than milk or water. Also, nothing like having a body type conversation with your husband late at night to bring warm fuzzies together....not! But it is certainly hard to find the time for myself, let alone trying to find the extra money for a gym membership.

Thinking about taking the kids out for the first time trick or treating....but partly for the candy so mom and dad can raid the stash :) So much for trying to make better choices eh? I could pull off a ballerina for Eliza and I am trying to make a Charlie Brown costume for Nolan. Simple and inexpensive.

I am sorry Hobby Lobby for our most recent visit. That was because of my child who thought anything that was sparkly, colorful or looked cool, HAD to go into the cart and why you'll find many random piles of merchandise placed throughout your store. But maybe carts with two seats, more moms could avoid your employees having to restock the aisles? I do love your store and would love to make more visits with my active children.

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