Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mid Week Confessions

I've been catching up in my guilty pleasure shows lately. One of them being Sister Wives. The guy Kody is something else, but you can't not watch how this family functions. I hate to admit it, but at the end of the season where Robyn gives birth to the baby and asks Meri that she would be willing to be a surrogate. Darn TLC producers....ya'll made me cry! I don't do that very often, and mainly towards the end of my pregnancies.

Totally just now discovering and using the schedule tool here on blogger. No reason to fall off the post wagon now I guess...unless you get tired of my kids ;)

I just now finally was able to get rid of a blog I use to follow. It was a craft blog that posted here and there. Then all of a sudden they were pushing all their fabrics and quilt patterns/finished projects all the 
time, several posts a day! It would crowd out the regular blogs I follow, making me have to sift through all 
the blog spam in the followed reading blogs. I have tried before, but it never would work. I guess I 
was lacking some extra log in to make it truly official.

I struggle every day to dress my children. I am not talking about the fight they put up during diaper changes or running away and under the table to hide. I am talking about the pride I struggle with in making sure I have picked *the* cutest outfit for them that day of what is available. I get nervous when Mr. G dresses them because it may not be something I've already put together. When packing for this long weekend coming up, I can't just throw clothes in the bin of whatever. I care about how my kids dress, but I am not that worried about my own clothes this way. I want people to look at my kids and adore them just as I do. And for this, I hate this aspect about myself. Something I thought might go away when we had a boy. Jeans and a t-shirt...good to go! Nope, it has to be just the right shirt and pants. Sigh...does it get better in a few years?

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  1. Seriously, Love Sister Wives as well. I guess it could be worse.

    I also love the delay post option - however that means I need to actually sit down to write posts to delay...... ooops.