Thursday, October 31, 2013

9 Months

This milestone birthday has always been hard for me to write about. This is where my little one is now old enough to have spent more time on the outside than inside my womb. It becomes a downhill gallup towards the 1 year mark and not to be considered a "baby".

Recent happenings have been clapping, saying mum mum babblings quite a bit, army drag crawling and first costume. Also, getting into a sitting position from laying down. He's tried to give some attempts of pulling himself up, but nothing major. If we place him standing up and holding on to the couch, he'll stand and then fall like a plank of wood to the side. 2-3 teeth have also cut through in the last 2 days, making his count to 8 toothers!

I'm okay with his development being behind his sister. It just makes him my cuddling little guy for longer. Nolan has been lucky to be exposed to new things sooner than his sister, with being the second child as a trade off. Next week we will have a well baby visit and see just how he's growing.

Now to try and thing of a new theme for the milestone pictures. The weather has become much more cold and I am not looking forward to an inside studio shoot. Hurmph

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  1. WHAT A CUTIE! I cannot believe how is has grown!