Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mid Week Confessions

We caught a mouse in our kitchen. Not with traditional traps, but with a crockpot. I kid you not. While soaking overnight with the fat and junk from the mushroom chicken, their lay in the am a glob of fat with a tail. Ewwww! We had a suspicion after finding some droppings that something was afoot, but gross!

After a trip to the ER for what would later be a case of Sciatica, I am feeling torn between getting things done or getting fun things done, or simply laying in bed with Netflix. # days off work and kids are gone in the afternoon at daycare as I recover. Why does sick time always seem to come with guilt?

I made politely had Mr. G go out to Best Buy Monday morning to retrieve another charging cord for my tablet. This was after sending him on an unsuccessful goose chase Sunday to other various electronic stores with no success. Momma needs her vice! 


  1. #1- GROSS! And crazy that it just was in the crock pot!

    #2- Sick days make me feel guilty and I don't even have kids. Praying you feel better!

    #3- power cords are totally worth it!

  2. Oh my gosh, that first one. Oh my gosh! I would DIE! We had a nice problem in our kitchen not too long ago and I splurged on fancy mouse traps that catch the mouse INSIDE so I never had to see it. Even still, I couldn't touch it!!

    I've also dealt with sciatica in the past (or something like it) and I say... REST. You absolutely deserve it and should NOT feel guilty. At all! *Or do fun stuff. Life is too short to feel guilty. (Says the girl who was home Monday and still feels terrible about it.)