Saturday, August 3, 2013


Here are my favorites from last weeks 6 month shoot. It had been raining buckets earlier in the morning during church and I was a bit crestfallen at the weather. I try and get these suckers done pretty close to the correct mile marker. Otherwise, life just seems to get in the way.

I took these on a Walmart impulse buy. They are these large chair like structure bean bag chairs from Big Joe. Price was 30, but what helped sell it for me was that this had several functions to it and wouldn't be out grown. Not to mention that its an easy clean fabric :)

Clothing for Nolan was simple with plain blue jean suspenders with no shirt.

So serious with Eliza

You can just see those 3 little teeth on the bottom of this smile.

This is probably my favorite as sister had joined us and wanted in on the fun. Poses like these can't be duplicated. Even when one isn't exactly over the moon with the shoot or the set up, just keep shooting and become surprised in post processing.

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  1. The last picture is absolutely precious! Love the joy that they are radiating.