Friday, August 16, 2013

Mid-ish Week Confessions


The summer program has ended and I get to resume some of my life back.

Does anyone else have a weakness for the dollar items at Target? They are seriously the best cheap distractions for your toddlers so you can shop in semi peace. Or, great goodies for road trips or flying on a plane with kids.

Mr. G and I earned another parental merit badge today. While eating dinner at Ponderosa (think classic Sizzler), Eliza became quite cuddly with Mr. G. She was acting like she wanted to go to bed. As things were wrapping up, she vomited all her dinner down her front. Hello clearance section for a quick fix so you can ensure you get grocery shopping done.

Mr. G hates it when I spend a few pennies on beating levels on Candy Crush. It has been my mind numbing vice this summer for stress. I mainly will buy extra moves when I've been stuck on a particular hard level and I am one move short.

I have got to get back to my sewing machine.

Baby boy clothes are hard to resist to my surprise. Pajamas especially!

I am a sucker for garage sales and picking up some kids discarded play equipment that still has some life in it. It shocks me what people throw out here in central NY compared to all the places I've lived. Where I live,  you can discard mattresses, couches etc on the curb for trash day at no extra cost. Mr. G just rolls his eyes and grumbles when I tell him about my "road score".

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