Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mid Week-ish

I am having these horrible nightmares about work. The kids at the center are beyond horrible and as much as I scream at them to stop, nothing seems to work and I end up going AWOL. Yes, things at work have been very hard. We've had an issue with fighting and bullying. My new boss has installed a new no tolerance policy. I sent 3 kids home yesterday because of it. I am on a skeleton crew of volunteers for this ministry and I seem to play firefighter with them and the kids. It is hard, because I can't always be on the front lines. This keeps me away from planning and getting the next few steps ahead all ready to go.

Nolan has recently discovered that he is very upset if we are not holding him....all...the...time! If this behavior continues, I will seriously consider if we are done having kids.

I've been trying to wean myself off of those little containers of drink concentrate (Mio) when I am at work. I've found myself feeling a bit too dependant on them and asking myself why can't I drink just straight water?

In order to try and sell some kid items so I have a little spending money for San Diego, I have found it very tempting to want to spend what I have saved. The hardest and only temptation is this local garage sale sight I like to keep up with. It has been great to sell some of my items, but you'll sometimes find a few kid items that are just a steal! Then of course I will try and ask if they would be willing to donate it to the youth center.

Mr. G and I the other night had a fight over who was suppose to turn off the bedroom light when we both retired for the night. Yes I know, silly.

I have 7 days left of the summer program and I CAN NOT WAIT. I have missed so many fun opportunities with my mommy friends to do things together with the kids. MOPS can't start soon enough.

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