Tuesday, August 13, 2013

He Can Be Taught!

Here is an older photo from the nanny cam taken awhile back. I had gotten to the point that it was time for Nolan to start spending more sleep time in the crib after the July holiday weekend. Otherwise Nolan had been sleeping right next to my side of the bed in the Rock and Play (best money spent with Eliza) I had given him the benefit of the doubt about truly being hungry and being too young to self soothe. But one night, I finally had enough knowing all that he had ate prior that night and a midnight snack. Prior to things coming down to this parenting practice, I had wondered if CIO would even work due to his stubborn nature to cry for 1.5 hrs with care providers.

In my sleepy state, I went in and out of sleep as he wailed on around 4:30. I think this went on for a hour, but I was too tired to care enough.

At promptly 9 am, he woke up happy.

Since that night, he has slept through the night! Praise be to God for this. It is as if he said to himself, "Welp, I guess she isn't providing room service anymore, might as well use this time to sleep instead."

There must be some sort fed up level you reach that opens up a can of whoop arse on that mommy guilt in order to successfully make it through the CIO idea. After talking with a few parents with older kids, they told me they couldn't let them cry it out and that they still don't sleep through the night at ages 4 and 6.

"Ain't nobody have time for that!"

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