Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oh How I am Loving This...


The summer youth center is closed until the school year starts up. This means I have a long to do list to accomplish before I start my REAL vacation in San Diego with Nolan.I've enjoyed the peace and quiet of just hearing the radio play as I paint my new check in counter that has been in the works mid summer.

This also means that I've been able to make my own schedule and work my hours around the things I would like to accomplish at how or with others. This has been a benefit due to the fact that the kids daycare is closed Thursday and I don't have to worry about finding emergency coverage (for the win).

But I've also had this weird nagging feeling that I have to rush out the door, or rush through projects around the house. I became so accustomed to the rush rush rush of all the demands I faced daily, that I certainly need some down time to recharge.

This weekend I'll start packing bags for both children. Eliza will go with Mr. G to family camp over next weekend. I even promised him that I would put her outfits in individual ziplock bags so he wouldn't even have to worry about styles or matching (fish and elephants don't match). This will be Nolan's first airplane ride. Both will have flown in utero and by lap.I will enjoy not having to worry about how to entertain a toddler this time around :)

I will fly into JFK in the morning of September 3rd where Mr. G and Eliza will pick me up. I will undoubtedly crash for a few hours and then join all the family and have a birthday dinner with the folks.

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