Saturday, July 27, 2013

If it Fits it Ships


No, we are not posting pictures of a new way to torchure an infant or a new piece of baby gear from Babies R Us. 

After our child care worker commented on the way Nolan was breathing, we decided to take a more serious look into this congestion we were just chalking up to allergies and teething. This then lead to chest x-rays. And if you had ever wondered just how those x-ray technicians keep an infant from moving to get a good you have it.  

Verdict: Bronchilitus  

I guess if a baby is to get this, it hits its peak at around 6 months. Hmmm, sounds about right. The treatment for this is regular nebulizer sessions. The first one was, well...LOUD! Nolan did NOT like the face mask and cried through the whole thing. The next morning, we did it again as prescribed and he is slowly but surely, being okay with it.


The pediatrician couldn't believe how happy Nolan was despite all this extra crap in his lungs. He wasn't exactly a fan of the x-ray experience, but quickly went to squeals and grins after. Now if only he was this happy when going through a teething fit? I think he's getting his k9's along with the front top at the same time.

Slow down baby boy! 

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  1. That is a crazy way to do x-rays on babies! I had semi wondered how that worked!

    Thanks for the pictures!