Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Have Pool, Will Play

I love it when the weather cooperates on my weekends off from ministry. The summers have been the hardest to be a working mother when I would love to be able to spend this nice time outside with my kids. Not to mention having to say no when my mom's group folks are off on opening day of blue berry picking, enjoying Delta Lake State Park or mid week birthday pool parties.

After putting the kiddie slide in the kiddie pool, it was apparent that a bigger pool was going to be in our near future. Now that friends have joined in the wet fun, the water quickly escapes from splashes. Mommy now just needs to do a yard sale to find some extra guilt free mad money.

We had a good time playing and grilling out for a Sunday afternoon dinner despite the constant slapping of skeeters. With all the rain we've had this year, they are out in force and getting the best of all of us. 

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