Monday, July 8, 2013

Central Park (kid free) Experience

Yes folks, you heard it right. Mr. G and I were blessed to go out in the early afternoon to Central Park while the chitlens stayed back with grandpa and grandma. I can't even remember when the last time we've been able to do something like this, which means it prolly means it's been way over due. 

I have wished to go to the park in the summer months for a long time. When Mr. G and I were dating, we took a trip out to NY from the PNW right after Thanksgiving. The park then was dead, cold and not very inviting. This time around, we were able to go and rent a boat for an hour. It is actually very reasonably priced at 12 an hour. If you think about it, 12 bucks is very cheap for entertainment in the city.

Mr. G enjoying his dirty water hot dog when strolling around the Mall portion which is where many movies have filmed this part of the park.

You just never know what one will see, as I captured this sight while feeling like a paparazzi in the process. 

A street performer would create these enormous bubbles which would reach 6-9 feet long. Each one was never the same as the last, each having a mind and almost soul quality as it floated above the hot concrete before it vanished in its own mist. For a small tip, the gentleman would let you try your hand at creating one of these long monstrous creations.  

There were other various street performers in some well know frequented areas, such as this woman who had a violin. I love the back lighting in this shot so much.

For an island where most folks do not own a car and walk all over the city, many of the one way streets are littered with long strings of taxis and business vehicles. Pedestrians tended to view cross walk signals as only a guideline. The heat from all these cars radiated against your legs while walking and not leaving the subway terminals any reprieve from the heat. Uniformed officers walked around with a hand towel to wipe the beads of sweat from their brows.

All in all, it was a nice mini getaway for us all. I even stumbled upon a camera shop and was able to purchase a great lens in the process. I miss having a camera store locally where I can test things out and ask specific questions.

Here is my NYC Bucket list

Subway Ride >
Taxi ride >
Empire State Observation Deck >
Broadway show
Boat ride in Central Park >
Touch the giant bull in the Financial District >
Statue of Liberty visit >
Eat a dirty water hot dog >
Tip a street performer
Ice Skate in Bryant Park >
View Macy's Christmas window displays >
Shop at FAO >
Spot a celebrity

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