Saturday, June 8, 2013


We have recently started having our therapy sessions for physical and speech. The teachers come to your home with all their "goodies" and basically play for the 30 or so minutes they are there. The toys are not anything out of the ordinary; in fact they've brought stuff we currently already have. Things like Melissa & Doug puzzles are common, as with any toy with a lot of easy pick up pieces. But in order to "play", certain tasks/commands must be completed, or tasks are made a little harder such as holding a toy higher to get them to reach and jump up to it.

Eliza loves to sit in the booster seat which the speech therapist brings with her, and gets a little mad/sad when she must be unbuckled at the end. This toy was quite popular with Eliza.

Here, she is working on getting Eliza to sign "more" for more balls to drop into the gumball machine, or trying to get her to mimic a simple sound (buh) (Mmmmm).

Some days are hit or miss depending on if the toy is something she is interested in. The last PT session wasn't the greatest due to more interest in her sippy cup and wanting to sit on mommy's lap. We used her tantrum against her in picking up weighted balls and throwing them to the ground in earnest. You can see one of them in the picture at the top as a small blue basket ball.

As recommended as a benefit, we've purchased a 48" trampoline with the help of Grandma. I'll post more about it in the near future. Otherwise, it is hard to find time to sit at the computer and get these posts out. But advance thanks is given for your patience during this crazy time in our lives :)

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