Friday, June 28, 2013

Grams Visit

The house is a little bit quieter now. Tuesday I dropped my mother off to the airport before a very long day or work and meetings. She was originally supposed to fly out the Saturday before, but Mr. G seems to have a handicap when it comes to booking plane tickets. The night before said believed ticket home, it was realized that it had been 24 hours past her plane taking off! So after several ticket changes and a 200 credit with Jet Blue to use in the next years time...she left us.

Shopping for mommy's new shoes at the outlet mall

Having fun with grams camera

There were still many things I didn't get to do with her. Having two babies this visit made it hard to find time to make it happen. I was more in demand and cooking delish meals for her fell to the back burner. I would have LOVED to have worked on a sewing project together and see what new tricks she could teach me.

Mom and I surprised daddy for fathers day with a real MAN grill. Forever in our relationship has grilling only involved a little hibachi set up with camping tanks. We surprised him by telling a story about finding a large trunk out by the road side when on a trip to the Amish store. I said it was heavy and dirty but needed to come out of the focus wagon immediately. This of course made him SO VERY ANGRY since he wasn't prepared for another new project of mine and he was relaxing playing games online.

He was so happy and laughing after the blanket was removed from the large box. Then I told him not to complain or whine about getting something out of the car for me again. I shot these from the kitchen window.

Because we are both shutter bugs, I don't even think we got an informal picture of us together. At least we'll have the JCP portraits soon :)

The night before she left, while watching The Prince of Egypt, it all started to hit me that she was leaving. Tears flowed into Mr. G's under shirt as I sat in the computer chair in the office. This was probably the best visit we've had together in a long time. No fighting or emotional roller coasters ensued. But I know Mr. G is happy to have his castle back to himself where he doesn't have to worry about what he is wearing or not wearing around the house ;) 

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