Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Clean Fun

The bath can be such fun when there are two kids involved in the mess. Eliza plays pretty well with Nolan during this time. The Crayola bath crayons are pretty cool and very vibrant. Then of course you have to have some fun with bubble bath hair doos. 

I am commonly having to tell Eliza to stop making out with her brother (words I never thought I'd have to utter). But any time we give her the opportunity to hold him, she LOVES it. In fact, when we went to pick him up after bath time cuddles and pictures, she didn't let go of him very willingly. Then later on when I had briefly placed Nolan in his car seat, I hear him making noise. It was a very good reason to make noise as Eliza had him in her arms!

Like I said....she LOVES her brother!

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