Thursday, March 21, 2013


"Children are meant for the young"

This is a mantra that I hear every time the grandparents come to visit and spend time with  the grand kids. And I hear how they always say they say it every time...."second verse, same as the first...a little bit louder and a little bit worse."

Wow, one could say this could be used for every subsequent pregnancy!

Mr. G's parents were driving though on their way to Canada to be guest speakers at a church for Palm Sunday and took a day or so to visit us. I treasure the times were we are blessed to travel to them or vice verse. Grandpa seems to delight in his little girl he calls Goose. Since Mr. G is an only child, Dad missed out on all the fun of giggly little girls.

Grandma enjoyed soaking in and eating up Nolan whenever she could. Eliza is getting better at remembering and associating her grandparents in between visits and is starting to mumble a form of grandma. This of course just makes her day.


Eliza continues to try and grasp the idea of what a Big Sister is and who Nolan is in relation to her.

One day I hope we can be just a short drive away for a season so many more days like this have a chance to happen. Not to mention, reap the benefits of free baby sitters so mommy and daddy can have more frequent date nights ;)

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