Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Balance in this World

Being an only child, most people seem to think that I was a spoiled child growing up. No one to share my room or toys with, or share the spotlight when academic/special talents arose.  Despite having some additional privileges that those who did have siblings  life was rather boring and lonely. Only so much stuff can try and fill a void which will never reach the brim.

I am constantly having to reevaluate what I am providing for my family. How much is too much but JUST enough. 

Around this time, I am sure many of you have filed or will be filling your taxes in hopes of the much awaited return. Who doesn't like a recent or sudden windfall of money, right?

Recently, while walking around Walmart, Mr. G and I noticed a rather large 50 inch flat screen TV. It was quite impressive along with the low price point. How tempting it was to whisk it away in our cart!


Do does one really need THAT much of a screen? It would have taken a decent amount of our wall space and dwarf much of everything else in our small shared living and dinning room. Christ has taught us not to build ourselves up with worldly things, but Godly qualities. Material things will fade, brake and become outdated with time, just as our bodies will do.  It is a constant battle, much like a kid in a candy store, to not let our eyes deceive us in what is important, valued or good for us.

Being an adult, with a job and real abilities to fulfill my worldly desires, I must always keep them in check so I may live by an example to my children and what it means to be content. Just because one can indulge oneself or those close to them, should we? 


  1. I just read the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker - it talks about some of this same stuff. It is a great read if you are looking for a book to read.

  2. This is so hard when your kids get big enough to ask. You want to provide for them, but you also don't want to spoil them. I think it will continue to get more difficult as kids get older!