Tuesday, November 26, 2013


This last week, we returned the rental car and made a decision on a new (to us) car. It was critical that we get something to replace the van with our family size and cargo needs. This is why I loved our van so much. Even Eliza would squeal in delight when her eyes captured our van in the parking lot.

We've marked a new chapter in our life with this new vehicle and all the bells & whistles our previous did not have, but higher miliage and 2 years older. I am happy, but at the same time it still feels surreal and almost like a dream. In a way, feels creep in of feeling like I should not enjoy this car because of the series of events it was obtained by.

We were blessed with getting more than expected on the car from the insurance company, which allowed us to pay of the rest of the loan and leaving us with a down payment for the newer. The loan balance is a good amount lower than the previous loan balance left.

I know God is good, but sometimes I don't feel like I deserve His kindness.

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  1. YAY for new cars and YAY for a faithful God!
    Congrats on the new car!!!