Sunday, November 6, 2011


Thinking to myself a few mornings ago: I don't want to wear those jeans, they're mom jeans. Oh wait......I am a mom. How did I make it to this point?

Was blessed with a gift card to Target and I thought that a new bigger girl toy was in order. Thought the Fisher Price musical popping dino would be a fun new addition. Turns out its quite obnoxious with the constant banging of the mechanism that trampoline springs the balls out of the contraption if they don't find the chute to the mouth where they also go all over the place. Returned it and instead got this . Eliza has much more interaction with it and the music isn't all that bad. Even though the age is for 9 mo+, she got the hang of it real quick. There is more for her to do with out zombing out to a light up musical box.

LOVING peppermint Oreos right now.....

Why do I always get the motivation and energy to clean the house at the end of the weekend? Then only to lose said enthusiasm during the week. Hrmph!

After 3 months, getting your hair cut at the salon feels wonderful. Otherwise my hair was looking on the side of dead, dirty, old.

Would love to make a Bapron on the sewing machine (A bib / apron) Might work better at meal times and the sake of Eliza's clothes. Yet that pesky thing of time and motivation goes missing. 

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  1. Haha that was a lot of randomness. I'll have to try the said oreos...hmmmm...depends on calories...