Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mind Marbles

In cleaning the bedroom, I came across an old positive pregnancy test. So I showed it to my husband but didn't say anything. His reaction was priceless!

If I thought that keeping my own socks in order was hard, I have MANY singles looking for the right pair.

In how tight things are for our family and a lot of income going towards the baby, I have this huge desire to want to buy something fun for myself. Yet I would also love to buy a Christmas toy for baby girl and struggle in waiting until Christmas morning.

With life and its uncertainties right now, I struggle in coming up with something interesting for you few loyal readers. I blink and most of the week has passed. Sure, things are going on, but who has the time to photograph the demo project?

Really upset that the new photo equipment has been put on back order from the manufacture. Arg....can't win....

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