Saturday, November 19, 2011

As of Late....

Eliza is 7 months old

Feeling even more proud of myself for making two more baprons but with clear vinyl over the cute prints. The first one took longer and isn't my best work. After sewing the plastic sheet to the cut of fabric, we were finally in business. Now all I have to do is make a clean swipe and hang dry!

Earlier in the week, mommy and baby had their first fall together. NOT FUN. Hated seeing her head hit the floor and bounce up. I think I was worse for the wear.

We had our first real dumping of snow on Friday. Glad it didn't shut any schools down. But I did hold off on going grocery shopping with a baby. Wasn't feeling like having a crying snow suit baby.

Don't do the grime if you can't do the time! Lately Eliza has wanted to grab the spoon and feed her self. Needless to say, a lot doesn't go in the mouth on the first try. At least she is eating though!

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