Thursday, April 28, 2011

Parenthood-Week 1

My daughter has gotten her first period and developing breasts already....boy they sure grow up fast.

With the explosiveness measured in decibels......kid, your diapers can stop an adult conversation in mid sentence. (you take after daddy in this department)

You know you're a parent when you have your baby finally latched to the boob and you notice some diaper residue on the side of your thumb and think it can wait until after the feeding, in fear of not latching on again.

Anything going after 7pm is now considered past bed time.

Lifting your child while in the car seat is now strenuous lifting.

You get excited over ounces and hours.

It takes more time than you think to just get out the door for a trip to the grocery store.

You keep missplacing every burp cloth on site.

You find the mesh netted disposable big girl underwear from the hospital to be WAY too comfortable and wished they gave you a few more pair.

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