Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh how I hate to wait

I have never exactly played the waiting game all that well...especially when it would come to job searching. Here I am, 1 day past my due date and wondering if I will EVER go into labor. I'll have pains here and there, but nothing that turns into more than a bowel movement. To make things harder, I don't have lots of projects to focus on and my netfilx can only sustain me for so long after having been off of work for 1 week prior.

All sorts of folks have offered advice to help get labor going....non of which I think has any power or influence. Oh, and that natural method with your partner....good luck! I give kudos to anyone this far along to find it at all comfortable for either partner. I've tried the simple act of walking, which only results in sore flanks.

Each time I have been checked....there isn't much progress shown. Its hard to not feel like you are failing in some way. I don't want the devil drug pitocin, and certainly if things would result in a c-section despite it.

I've been fortunate in dodging a lot of belly rubs, horror stories etc in this pregnancy....but what is getting REALLY annoying is when people keep asking if I've gone into labor or not. I know they care, but it only makes things harder as I wait. Trust me, when I am ready to share the news, I'll do so when there is actually news to post...so stop asking me already! And after all, isn't it MY business to begin with? What if I wait until the baby is born to share? In all the media blasting that has become a cultural norm...there are just somethings that I think should be private for a little while until the public is informed.

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