Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Mattress war

I may or may not have blogged about this before, but there is something about sharing a bed and the summer heat. Due to our resources, we have stuck to sharing a full size bed because of the unique features this mattress bestows. As far as bedding goes, we haven't used more than a sheet for warmth since early May. Anything more seems to be a bit hot.

I grew up in Southern California where the summer heat would be hard to deal with. Not to mention not having central AC. Our break from the heat when the ceiling fans were not enough was to go to the mall! Right before I moved away, it was 111 degrees. It was as if the air stood still. The bathroom tiles were hot down to the toilet seat. I guess you could say I built up a tolerance for this hot weather.

Mr. G grew up on the north east coast where winters became very cold while the summer was hot and humid, he was blessed with central air.

Fast forward to present time.....

Where we live, it can get warm (Low 90's). The heat dies at night, making the temperature tolerable.......... except for my husband. He'll get up during the night and go sleep on the futon where the sliding door is open to get cool. Only from that point, my body must sense the extra room and slides over in the middle. Mr. G then finds himself with no bed. The last attempts of moving me over while asleep triggered me to flail my arms at him like I was swatting his efforts away.

Back to the futon he goes......

Wee hours in the morning he wakes up again and returns to our bed where I guess I've moved back over. As I start to wake up, I find his body temperature to be a bit discomforting and toss the sheet off me. This makes me wonder if we will find any peace on this bed until the Fall season starts?

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