Monday, August 10, 2009


After needing some girl time with a past roommate, I had her over and decided I would try to match my mothers old recipe that I loved long ago. And what do you worked! I have had several failed attempts at some Pad bad I went to the restaurant to wipe out the bad taste of it.

You will need.....

1 pound ground beef
1/3 minced carrot
1/4-1/3 minced yellow onion
Soy Sauce
Worcestershire Sauce
Terriaki marinade/sauce (should be like soy in thickness)
Asian pastry dough sheets (round)

Throw in hot skillet/Wok ground meat, onion, carrot and dashes of all 3 sauces depending on how strong you want it. Fully cook meat making sure you break up any large chunks. The more ground the meat, the better.

After cooking fully, take off heat and let cool or put in refrigerator for later use.

Take one pastry round and put about 1/5 table spoon of meat inside. Dip finger in water and wet outside rim on half of circle. Fold and pinch sides to keep meat from falling out. After you've completed as many as you want, put on cookie sheet or plate covered and put in freezer. Freezing time should be at least 1 hour prior to cooking or as soon as frozen.

Use fry daddy or hot oil in wok to cook. I used the french fry temp of 375. Cook as long as needed depending on how crisp or chewy you want them.

Serve with terriaki sauce or plum sauce. Can be used as a great appetizer too!

Here we are with traditional Pot Sticker style

Then you can get a little creative in the mix with how you package them

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  1. Yummy - I'll have to add that to our menu.