Saturday, September 22, 2012


You know you've been a parent for long enough when you purposely hide your children's toys....and it isn't Christmas time.

I seem to enjoy my daughters play corner in the living room the most when it is all picked up and is in some organized fashion. Back around April, Gram blessed us with getting a Target dark brown bookshelf with 6 square openings.

                     itso Medium Fabric Bin Polka Dot       EXPEDIT Shelving unit IKEA Can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor.
This is the Ikea version, but short two more squares. I wanted something better built than Closet Maid brand as kids are plain rough on stuff. They climb and stack or even fall into the things! Pair it with the cute Itso baskets....and you have something you don't mind it sitting in the main hub of your home. This also lets you not have to put a basket for each opening as some toys just need a cubby. The 8 square Ikea version resides on the same wall with the blended family. Then if we move and have more space and the kids are content playing in their own rooms, this momma can take it over for her :)

The toys which are very loved, but very abused all over the floor are the wooden puzzles. Or we have the cat face key board with all the different songs, including a microphone. She will play the noise over and different tempos no doubt. If that wasn't  bad enough, she will insist on picking it up and slamming it on your face or lap when laying down. Because of course, we make the most excellent music stand!

I can handle the chunky books, as how can I get upset with a love of reading, or at least looking curiously at the pages.

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