Saturday, September 8, 2012

Post Vacation Decompress

All good things must come to an end....

I have been very thankful for a short week at work and a weekend to greet me. Jet lag and pregnancy do not mix. We have been gluttons for sleeping in and even being late to work for someone. Late morning/early afternoon nap? Yes please! Eliza has been a good sport about heading to bed with mommy for an hour snooze.

The picture posted above is probably my favorite of all taken. We are sitting on the steps of my childhood home while my girl friend from my college takes it. Candid and improving, I love it. I of course can point out my body flaws and small repeated dimples in places I would rather Photoshop, but I am trying to put them aside and think about others ;)

We had an amazing time visiting with friends and family while out in San Diego. Such great times were had that it was painful in knowing I couldn't stash them in my luggage. It's HARD to spend 24 years in one place and know you do not belong there long term anymore. Yet I still try and contemplate logistics of how it could be made possible.

We stayed away from most heavily touristy spots, but did venture to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. I lived roughly 10 minutes away from the San Pasqual Valley, and always loved this place for the lack of urban zoo attractions and environment. The beach was hit for a few hours where Mr. G earned a very crispy back side. Eliza got more than her daily mineral requirement via the sand ingested. 

I hit a big milestone by celebrating my 30th (eeeeek!)

Staying with my mother has always been a very huge financial blessing when it has come to these visits from where ever in the country. Since her retirement, she always sleeps better when we occupy the living spaces. I will miss giving Eliza her bath in the same tub I did at this age, not to mention there being more room for bodies!

I will say, I do not wish to board a plane with a toddler for quite some time.....

When we returned home, we were greeted by many unwanted house guests like fruit flies! Nasty little buggers they are. The trash didn't get dumped prior to leaving and we had people over doing repairs in our bathroom.

My best candid/spontaneous pic taken in a long time. Thanks Sommer!
Mmmmm, gritty PB&J
Quality cable TV time with Daddy
Eliza frequented Gram's bed for a visit
"Fear? I know nothing of the sort" - Eliza
 We are slowly trying to get back into the swing of a new routine: Half time work again, a new sitter, full time work for Mr. G.....and of course getting ready for the newest family member in January.

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