Wednesday, July 27, 2011


For years I have always envied those who could sew. When I was little, I would try and make little bear clothes. They were pretty rough and simplistic. Later on, I used fabric glue. From that point on, sewing to me was "Where's the glue gun."

Recently, I was given some cute thin receiving blankets. Since I never really swaddled Eliza, the idea of having them made into a quilt came to mind. Only problem was I didn't have the resources or talent to achieve this task and it would be too much to ask someone else to make it for a nominal fee.

Yet after talking with my mother and casually mentioning to folks about a sewing machine, I had two machines in my possession! These events then justified a trip to Joanne's Fabric where I looked like a deer in the headlights. I was so out of my usual element. One of the sales associates had to hold my hand and take me to all the aisles where my supplies lay.

After getting a verbal overview from another sewing person on making a quilt, I took to the new machine for the first time. After threading the blasted needle countless times, busting a needle, cutting up the blankets in 5" squares and also tending to Eliza's needs I actually had two strips sewn and put together! Stitch lines were not always the most prettiest and straight, but somehow they got the job done with out showing looking all that noticeable.

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  1. This looks awesome! I also have envied people who can sew, as I have neither the talent nor the equipment necessary.