Friday, July 22, 2011


How wonderful it is to be blessed with hand me downs for little girls. Yet at times I feel a little overwhelmed to all of them when it comes to trying to get every fibers worth of wear out of them. Then I have a mother who loves to shop and sends care packages with new choices. This kid has more label clothing than her mommy! What is going to stink is when the weather changes up here and the easy cute spring/summer outfits in her current size range just won't cut it when it comes to the winters we have. Changing a diaper will take X number of minutes more to accomplish.....not including the snow suit. Makes me wish I still lived in San Diego (kinda).

Mr. G wants a boy. I would love to have another girl for the fact that I want to get another round in with these threads. I doubt I'll convince my little boy that pink is the new blue.



  1. Layers! Those spring/summer outfits if they still fit can still be worn with a long sleeve onesie underneath! :)

  2. I dunno....we get into the negative numbers during the winter. Oh the joys of living in the snow belt.