Friday, December 20, 2013

Santa's Super Sleigh

Here we are, soon to be celebrating our 3rd Christmas with children.


Now that Eliza is a little older and can express her interests better, it has given us as the parents a better idea of what thoughtful gifts she might like. This year, we were unexpectedly able to do some shopping for the kids from us as parents. I had a pretty strict guideline to follow as for our budget and what would/could get the most shelf life with ever changing development milestones. Hence why I've been skipping some toddler clothing sizes in hopes of getting another season or two of wear out of them.

As I am planning and packing for the trek to grandma and grandpa's, boxes from my mother are coming in for the kids which have to be sorted and packed for the car ride. In doing this, I can't help but notice a substantial difference in the amount of gifts.

My thoughts then start with...

Do they really need X amount of X kind of toy?

Am I helping foster unrealistic expectations of what brings happiness and joy by letting them have this?

Should I tuck some of this away for a birthday in the spring?

Where are we going to store all the kid stuff in our small place?

And then turn into...

Is this from emotional shopping?

Will she have enough to fly out next summer to visit?

She is can she afford this?

What if she outlives her retirement?

Get the picture?

How do you as parents handle those times when the spoiling goes a little too far for your comfort level? Do you turn a blind eye; enjoy it and see it as less money you have to spend? A verbal agreement?

I am quite curious as to handle this for future years, as I don't want my children to think happiness/joy comes from what people buy you, but a LOVE that can't come from a store or wallet.

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