Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Little Chippendale

My little man is now 3 months old! Hard to believe that much time has passed as a family of 4 now. With my last time doing new born shots with the vintage luggage, I wanted to pull it out again and try and perfect the usage and variety of these props.

Of course the bow-tie had to come out and I think the Bum Genius cloth diaper "Genius" series with chalk board equations worked well.

Muslim wraps work nicely as blankets that do not overwhelm the focus point, while an Ikea toddler pillow is just the right size for a positioning cushion.

As the sun changed position in the afternoon, I had to dance around the tree so I wouldn't get any spots or rays falling on my subject.

These last two shots were the most difficult and nerve racking to get since I was by myself and Nolan has wanted to roll a lot and lift his shoulders with head. I suggest using wool socks or any large sock and fill with beans or rice to help in making bumpers under cloths when positioning them in a certain way. And a spouse is always appreciated when it comes to them jumping in the shot to tickle a chin and quickly pulling out in order to get those baby smiles. Otherwise you do a TON of talking to them with tiny windows of changed expressions. 

Over all, I am happier with how these turned out with natural and an outdoor setting verses a studio set up.


  1. Oh my gosh!! I LOVE these! He is precious - and what a talented momma he has too! I'm obsessed with those suitcases!!! :)

    1. I got those for 5 bucks total from an online garage sale site in our area. Otherwise it was hard trying to find something 1970's PanAm area luggage.